How to Convert Multiple Outlook Files to PDF

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In modern era, most of the people are using MS Outlook Application for personal as well as professional use. But because of some critical issues they want to convert Outlook database to PDF file format. Through this blog post, I want to tell you how to convert multiple Outlook files to PDF file formats directly. But first let’s get a brief description about Outlook and PDF, then we go to find out the solution to resolve your problem.

 Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the personal information manager from Microsoft that is presented as a chunk of the Microsoft Office suite. Basically it is used as an email application that includes a web browsing, note taking, journal, task manager, contact manager, and calendar. You can say it can be a stand-alone application that also works along with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for numerous users in an organization.


The PDF stands for Portable Document Format that is most popular file format established in 1990s to present documents in secured format. It includes images, text formatting, forms, buttons, etc. A PDF document can be accessed and opened on any system irrespective of the hardware, software and operating systems on which it was created. Since PDF files are portable, secure, compressible and can’t be accessed and modified without permissions, they are in high demand these days.

Manual Guide to Convert Outlook to PDF

To convert Outlook files to PDF format you can utilize manual guide that includes some steps, as given below:

  1. Start MS Outlook in the system.
  2. Select a message, go menu bar and click on File and select Save As.
  3. A window will appear where you require to save the File Type as option and select HTML file format.
  4. Click on Browse and choose the Destination Path to save the HTML file and press on save.
  5. Go to destination path selected for HTML file. Right click on the HTML file to open it in MS Word
  6. Once opened in MS Word, click on File Option and press Save as and choose file type as PDF.
  7. Now check the PDF file on a destination path.

Note: Repeat the process for converting your Outlook emails to PDF one by one.

Critical Issues in Manual’s Guide

  • The manual method converts only single Outlook mail to PDF. So, Multiple Outlook files to PDF conversion is not possible.
  • There are maximum chances of data loss during the conversion of Outlook to PDF.
  • As you know very well it is not a direct method, that’s why it includes lengthy procedure that might have create a lot of problem
  • Manual method is time consuming procedure that can affect your precious time.
  • Sometimes it may have an issue during file format conversion
  • Only a technical person can convert Outlook files to PDF with the help of manual guide
  • Outlook installation is must to use manual method

Keeping all the issues in mind, we can say manual guide is not much helpful and reliable. This method can be helpful for converting a handful of PST files to PDF format, but it can’t be used for large scale migrations. For quick and complete conversion solution, you should choose the right and reliable tool as the wrong choice of solution can corrupt your all PST files. In the next section, we will discuss about one of ideal solution that can convert your multiple Outlook files to PDF format directly in few steps.

Batch Convert Outlook Email to PDF with Professional Solution

there are many third party tools that can be used for converting your Outlook emails to PDF, but you have to choose the right one carefully that is capable of fulfilling your requirements. Because choosing the wrong one will be unable to resolve your problems of how to convert multiple Outlook files to PDF. An ideal professional utility that I can suggest is PST to PDF Converter - An expert solution to convert your whole database from Outlook to PDF format in one click. It’s a power-packed utility that offers the following benefits to users:

  • Convert multiple Outlook files to PDF documents in batch
  • No fear of data loss as the software maintains that entire Outlook data is converted to PDF including all the details accurately
  • Very easy and simple procedure to be effortlessly followed by all kinds of users
  • Most reliable solution that provides 100% successful result.
  • Batch convert Outlook Email to PDF with accurate folder hierarchy
  • Supports all Outlook and Windows editions

Final Conclusion

There are n numbers of solutions available in a market to convert multiple Outlook files to PDF format. Now it’s your decision to select the reliable solution that helps you to achieve the desired results precisely. Though manual method is free, Outlook to PDF Converter also comes with FREE trial version facility that supports to convert first 20 items of Outlook to PDF format without any cost.