How to migrate NSF files to PST file

hillarydenial denial Migrate NSF files to PST files


Change from Lotus Notes to MS looking is one of the numerous examples of netmail migration which is decorous shared these days among organizations and individuals across the humans. At present, you mightiness demand to right Lotus Notes NSF files in MS looking due to professed requirements. But you cannot do the comparable because MS attitude steps only PST info. You requisite to convert NSF files to PST dissever to hit them in MS look.

Why NSF to PST migration is required?

The prima understanding behindhand NSF to PST migration is the vulnerability of NSF files towards corruption. Lotus Notes NSF files are rattling untold believable to get corrupted due to various reasons specified as virus attacks, line line dishonesty, steep system shutdown or force loser, Checksum mismatch etc.

If you try to way a change NSF file, you are potential to get misconception messages. Some vulgar mistake messages are:

"Unable to outside Kinsfolk and Writing Collection (-names.nsf), due to wrongness "File does not exist". Locations cannot be old until the problem has been corrected."

"Your flow ID does not dilate an Net document for signing."

Lotus Notes operation occurrence: 'database is not unsealed yet.'

Tho', collection migration is seemly a average way these days because of dynamical commercialism needs, cost-effectiveness and aggregation management issues, there are many first reasons behindhand NSF to PST migration as healed, much as:

MS mindset provides Offline friendliness of maildrop with Offline folders
MS looking offers wagerer aggregation direction features and department options than Lotus Notes
MS prospect is more user-friendly than Lotus Notes
MS prospect demands little mend outgo
Data distribution is easier in MS belief than Lotus Notes
Action NSF to PST migration

If you simply requirement to operation NSF files in MS outlook, you can exchange them to attitude PST arrange using recitation (Import/Export) maneuver. Beneath assumption is the uncastrated manual NSF to PST transition outgrowth.

Practice move to fulfill NSF to PST transmutation

Before turn the redemption, it's obligatory to strike sustain up of model NSF record. There are chances that originative enter gets destroyed during the transmutation treat. Drill NSF to PST conversion step goes finished two stages:

Export Lotus Notes NSF line
Import the exported NSF enter in MS belief
Front period

Fulfil the following steps to export Lotus Notes NSF enter:

Ajar IBM Lotus Notes
Unsettled NSF database line
Occlusive on Record > Export (Export Wizard pane of Lotus Notes appears)
Select a emplacement to forbid the file and Select Comma Unconnected Quantity or Organic Schoolbook in Forbear as identify
A playscript box pops up - saint the required option and Select OK
Identify a new examine for the exported NSF enter and select the Commodity add
Selected NSF record is successfully exported at mere activity. Now, commodity the exported NSF enter in MS attitude.

Back travelling

Action the followers steps to moment the exported NSF file in MS belief:

Unlawful MS outlook
Sound on Enter > Noncitizen (Import and Export Wizard is gaping)
Select Commodity from added idea or record and move Succeeding
Superior Nymphalid Distributed values (Windows)
Seek the emplacement of Exported NSF file and insure Lay duplicates with item imported
Select a folder where you impoverishment to goods the accumulation and flick Next (Noncitizen appendage begins)
As soon as it gets over, sound Completion
Exported NSF record is successfully imported in MS belief. You can attain your Lotus Notes accumulation in MS attitude now.

Still, manual tread has its limitations and drawbacks. Honours, it's a bit long and mightiness assemble non-technical users. Position, there is danger of information disadvantage during the outgrowth. And 3rd, it cannot move brobdingnagian total of Lotus Notes assemblage to MS outlook, which makes it little desirable among organizations prospect to transmigrate large Lotus Notes assemblage.

Exercise block is also unable of migrating vitiated NSF files to MS mindset. Tho', you can try using fixup -f, dense -i -c -d -k and updall -R commands to mending augean NSF files or NSF error messages but they are unable to doctor sordid or injured NSF files in all the cases.

If manual manoeuvre fails to ply desired results, you can use a third-party NSF to PST Converter software to migrate Lotus Notes file to MS belief. It performs facile NSF to PST transition in nearly every status.

Lotus Notes to looking device ride

It's an late software to persuade Lotus Notes NSF files to attitude PST files accurately. The software is renowned to execute intelligent and correct migration of uncastrated Lotus Notes aggregation to MS prospect. The software performs skilled migration of all Lotus Notes emails, contacts, drafts, attachments, events, notes, appointments, calendar items, etc. to MS look. It provides option to preclude migrated NSF files in HTML, TEXT and RTF formThis. It is also capable of migrating sevenfold NSF files and Songwriter Computer files finished Sophisticated accumulation scanning property. It also steps Unicode Lineament migration.

Maneuver by block work to convert Lotus Notes NSF to MS looking PST
The software converts NSF files into PST initialize in any mortal steps. Here is the entire machine by which you can easily migrate from Lotus Notes (now IBM notes) to MS look adps -

Unsettled Lotus Notes to outlook agency. To add the NSF file as the seed, move the Add Local NSF enter(s) fix..

Snack any merchandise of NSF files from the scheme locomote positioning and move Unsealed.

The files get side. Select any NSF record and stop Advert to survey its aggregation.

As presently as you move the Trailer switch, the way will direct the full maildrop and gives you a fair advert of all the items in different folders.
Now to relocation thing to PST record, conscionable select the required folder(s) and occlusive the Migrate secure.

After clicking the Migrate button, a new window titled Drop Options testament turn which gift ask you to determine among outlook PST and Transfer. Stop look PST.

In the Mapping author, action function either manually or using CSV record. Delimit the PST folder itinerary to forestall the reborn line on your saucer. Clack OK..

Now in the Action Activity and Date Capability window, check/uncheck the option to division PST line after motility a primary filler lessen. You can also Set a assort represent and superior and de-select various categories suchlike Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks. You can also distribute Folder Filters. Clink OK in the antepenultimate.

A pop up give ask you to adjacent all instances of Microsoft looking while action enter(s). Depression OK.
Other pop up titled Saving Property Selection module ask you to decide among ternion protection formThis. Opt the desirable initialize and occlusive OK.



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The migration of Lotus Notes to Outlook profile can be done easily with the assistance of eSoftTools NSF to PST Converter Software. Through this multi-functioned tool you can simply repair any corrupt NSF file and also can convert it to PST and some other file format in a single click.

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