Important Tips For Using Kratom Dosage For Pain

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Are you interested in trying out kratom dosage for pain? It is vital to follow the guidelines in order to minimize the risks of developing a dependence or experiencing some side effects. Therefore, here are a couple of things worth mentioning when it comes to using kratom. Besides, they will assist you to have a more positive and safer usage.

Start with kratom small dose

Just like most supplements and drugs, consider starting consuming small doses of kratom. This will make it easier to have a slow but sure user experience and also gives you a chance to add more when you require a stronger effect. Most individuals do well after they begin with around 3-8g of kratom powder for pain alleviation. In case you prefer using tablets or capsules, begin with the minimum kratom dosage for pain prescribed on the package.

Avoid mixing kratom with other drugs

Mixing kratom with other drugs (especially anti-depressants, psychoactive drugs, benzodiazepines, and other opioids) might bring about some drastic complications. This will increase the risk of overdosing as well as the chances of experiencing negative side effects.

Stay hydrated

Kratom has the same dehydrating effect as coffee, therefore, ensure that you take plenty of water from the start to the end. In case you feel somehow “heady” chances are you overdosed but if you adhered to the prescribed instructions, most probably you require a drink. Thus be sure to take more water than usual because kratom expects so.

Take kratom on empty stomach

Particularly when beginning to use kratom, you can’t experience its efficacy with a full stomach. It’s good to take just a small dose in order to have a referencing point to start working from. A stomach that is full or partially full will need a higher dosage for kratom.

Use quality kratom source

Undoubtedly, be sure to use a good quality kratom dosage for the pain to start with! Why this? You don’t want to get surprised when it comes to experiencing the results after using some cheap brand that does not even have instructions on the package. A high-quality product from a reputable dealer promises good results.

Track your kratom usage

Keeping a log of kratom usage including when you took, which form you took and how much you took will help track your performance. Moreover, records that are easy to find and simple will assist in building on every usage experience. They will as well guide you the moment you decide to use a stronger dosage or a different dosage.


If you are hunting the best kratom dosage for pain, the above tips and detailed information will significantly help you throughout the entire process. Let your efforts yield a great kratom experience with no negative side effects at any point.