How to start exercising if I've never done before in life

Juan Villa How to start exercising if I've never done

The good news is that all your effort is well rewarded. 
Exercise impacts many areas of your life (without realizing it). 
You just have to focus on building the habit of exercising and the benefits will fall from the sky.
Think about this: 4 workouts of 1 hour per week represent only 2.4% of all our time. In perspective that's very little investment in exchange for so many benefits.
Also the big advantage is that you don't necessarily have to do one-hour workouts. 
The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day 1 using the FitKeeper workout tracker.
And to start having the habit of exercising you can start with much less of this time.
If looking good and being healthier doesn't convince you, read on.
Exercise strengthens your muscles and your mind.
In addition to building a strong body and seeing you better than ever. 
The benefits of exercise will reach every corner of your life (even where you least expect it).
Let me explain how this important point was discovered.
In the mid-2000s, two Australian researchers conducted a series of experiments to see if willpower can be strengthened over time. Yes, something like a muscle.
In their first study, published in 2006, participants followed an exercise program 3 times a week. This program had a duration of 2 months 2.
As expected, after only 2 months the participants strengthened their muscles and cardiovascular system. 
Most managed to reach their ideal weight and increased their muscle mass.