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with "Wash Our Hands" from Billy's World Club 

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As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to impact the daily lives of people across the world, the importance of getting the key messages across is as important as ever - particularly to young children, who need to understand the basics of hygiene in a fun and engaging way. As with many things at this time, the answer can be found online and in particular through the Billy's World Club YouTube channel. Aimed specifically at pre-schoolers, the channel provides educational songs, nursery rhymes and games for children to learn in a safe, fun online environment - all led by the colourful character Billy. 



While the majority of the channel's output features familiar songs, their latest release is an original work designed to help their audience understand how to wash their hands while keeping to the spirit of Billy and his friends. The result is 'Wash Our Hands' - a happy, infectious song that guides children step by step through the process, making a fun dance out of a serious task. The accompanying video, recorded during lock-down, combines fun characters with youngsters from the UK, Philippines and India with a clear visual message on how to keep themselves safe through good hygiene. As they prepare to return to school and the world at large, the message is more important than ever and with Billy to help, hopefully our children can learn in a joyful way. 

'Wash Our Hands' is available to stream and download from all the usual platforms. 

Phil Udell June 2020 

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