How to Name Your Baby

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This question worries parents even before the child's birth. Choosing a name for the child is a very responsible matter. It directly affects the fate of the person born. The choice of the name of the child is influenced by family traditions, fashion trends, nationality, religious roots, and even the political views of parents.

Here are some tips to help you choose a name for a boy or girl:

1. How to name a child by middle name

The name for the child by patronymic is best chosen based on the following rules: 

Be sure the name of the child should be combined and sound good with the name and patronymic. 

It is best that the letter "r" be one, either in the name or in the surname. 

Rare names with simple surnames sound bad. 

2. When choosing a name for a boy, do not forget about choosing the same name in honor of his father, which is more difficult to overcome. It happens that they compete with their father all their lives and try to prove that they are no worse than the person in whose honor they are named. Girls who have been named after their mother have less difficulty than boys, but the rivalry with a mother, especially in adolescence, can bring a lot of trouble to a girl.

3. All names have meanings. Take the time to read the directory of names. From that, you can learn a lot of interesting things with respect to names, and make a choice. 

4. As for the names of more distant relatives, the following popular rules exist:

A child should not be called by the names of deceased relatives, and especially of a person who died suddenly, did not die of his own death, or who was seriously ill before the person passed away.

You should not give a name to your child in honor of a person who, in your opinion, has an unhappy fate.

5. How to choose a name for the child depending on the time of year.

In winter, talented, purposeful, and persistent people are born. They have a complex character, so in their personal lives and in communication, such people have to experience difficulties.

December - this month's emotional, quick-tempered, persistent children are born.

January - balanced, patient, accustomed to independence children will be born this month.

February is the month in which stubborn and courageous people are born, with a manifestation of a complex and difficult to predict character.

Those born in the spring are windy, indecisive, touchy, talented.

March - gives birth to impressionable and sensitive people.

April - persistent people with a firmness of character and courage are born this month.

May is the time of the birth of powerful and demanding people who are principled and unwilling to compromise.

In summer, soft, impressionable people are born who love risk. They are proud and, at the same time, easily influenced.

June - a child born that month is careful but courageous. Such children are very vulnerable. 

July - gives birth to impatient, selfish, but independent people.

August is the time of the birth of energetic, stubborn, persistent people in their actions.

People born in the fall are owners of a light character; They are serious and reasonable. Quickly everyone grasps and learns from their mistakes.

September is the birthplace of purposeful, but quick-tempered people.

October is the time of the birth of witty, practical, and enterprising people.

November - calculating, successful people are born this month.

6. When choosing an unusual name for a child, be careful!

Often parents gave and gave a name to the child based on some strange considerations.

For example, parents named their babies literary meaning, "Spark plug," "Flowers of bowel movements," "Wonderful tire." The country's court announced which will ask the law to prohibit parents from registering their children with such "extravagant or abusive" names, and also allow children who are no longer lucky to sue their parents.

7. How to name a child by date of birth?

To choose a name for the baby according to the calendar, they usually look at the child's birthday. On every day of the church year, the memory of several saints is celebrated. You can choose a name among those whose memory is celebrated on the eighth day of birth, because The number eight marks eternity, it was on this day in antiquity that the name was called. If it was not possible to choose a name for the child by date of birth on the first and eighth day, then look at the 40th day from birth. On this day, the child is baptized in the temple.

8. How to name a child if you live in a multinational country?

If you decide to name the child by a name that reflects your belonging to a certain culture, first of all, think about what language environment he will live in. If, for example, in the Tatar environment, the name for the boy Gali will sound normal, then in the Russian-speaking environment, a boy with that name will not be smart.

In this situation, you can go for "international" names that have options in different languages ​​- both European and Eastern (Maria, Ivan, Jacob, Gabriel, George, etc.).

If you have a mixed marriage, and you decide to give the child a name that has a pronounced belonging to a certain nationality, then it is worth considering how the name you choose for the children will combine with the middle name and surname. 

9. What is the best name for the child in terms of numerology?

Each name has its own number , which has unique characteristics.

In order to calculate this figure, write down the name you like, correlate each letter with the number to which each letter corresponds. Then add these numbers, then add the resulting two digits.

For instance:

The name is Peter. Name Number: 8 + 7 + 2 + 9 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8

1. This means a person full of energy and desire to act. It has great benefits in situations of sudden and unexpected, much less - in planned situations. Risky enterprises and profitable businesses are contraindicated. It is best to complete the assigned tasks. 

1. It is associated with self-confidence, courage, and courage. But the nature of these people is more imitative than creative. They should avoid rash decisions.

2. Symbolizes a volatile nature, emotional anxiety, which can bring a person to complete prostration. The main thing for these people is not to worry about trifles, to avoid disputes and quarrels. The best success will come from working together with friends and colleagues.

3. This indicates talent, versatility, gaiety. It also implies a penchant for sciences, arts, sports, in a word for everything that serves as an outlet for a person, his hobby.

4. This means success in scientific and technical fields, especially in industry. This is reliability and stability, making friends, achieving recognition. Such a person is useful in extreme situations when the qualities of his character are revealed from the best side.

5. It gives spiritual freedom and independence. They value their gained experience more than outside advice. They love traveling and adventures, to which their spiritual anxiety pushes. Sometimes the number 5 indicates a philosophical way of thinking, and sometimes a happy surprise throughout life.

6. Portends success in enterprises. You can talk about a political activity or high government officials who gain fame in society for their scientific or philosophical views. They quickly learn the truth that honesty is more fruitful than ambition, that honest efforts are not in vain.

7. It is fraught with the ability to channel talent into the realm of science, into the world of art or philosophy, and even into religion. But the success of their activities largely depends on a thorough analysis of what has already been achieved and on real planning for their future. Understanding other people, they often become leaders and teachers of the highest class. But if they decided to do business, then here they themselves will need help.

8. Favors activities in the field of significant, major affairs, foreshadowing material wealth. Finishing successfully one thing, these people are immediately taken for knowledgeable. Often the benefit and benefit, as well as material and social success, bring them forgotten teachings, abandoned enterprises that have served their methods. But they must abandon trifles and details, transferring this work to others, and themselves only deal with strategy.

9. When selecting a name, the child should not use any events, objects, or dates. Think about how a child with the name of Barricade, October, Ulyan will fee.

10. In modern society, children with old-fashioned or religious names will also not feel very comfortable.

It is advisable that both parents choose the name chosen for the child. Otherwise, a middle name will necessarily appear in the child's house. By the way, you can officially give the child a double name and write it in the birth certificate and in the passport, for example, Anna-Victoria.

The most important thing when choosing a name is, first of all, to think about the child and his interests. Do not forget that he / she will live with this name all his / her life