How to Improve Fertility with Better Lifestyle

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Having a family to live with happiness is a real blessing which everybody doesn’t essentially have. There are a lot of people in our surroundings, in our friends and family, who are suffering from infertility and are living their lives alone with on descendant to bring up. Infertility or lesser fertility potential is not a disease or anything that cannot be handled in all cases. You may achieve or lose your fertility by changing your lifestyle. 

Therefore, you may improve your fertility after making certain unnoticed changes in your routine lifestyle. There are a lot of lifestyle-related studies and information available on different online forums but it may not be possible for you to go through them all or make a decision about separating the good and bad. Hence, we have done a little effort for your ease in knowing the key factors of your lifestyle affecting your fertility. You may see the factors affecting your fertility in the subsections below:

Body Mass Index

Obesity is a direct cause that may affect fertility in men and women. Having a too high BMI (Body Mass Index) that is counted as obesity or a very low BMI that is counted as the underweight category may affect your fertility rate. Men and women falling into the normal BMI range are more likely to have kids and are fertile. Cutting down your calorie intake and losing weight can help in improving fertility in both men and women.


Working out can improve and damage your fertility or the chances for conception if not rationally performed. Having a routine where you are ignoring your exercise on a frequent basis can be a factor for lesser fertility in both men and women. Doing the exercise for one or two hours in three to four days a week is a normal lifestyle while excessively exercising may affect your fertility and pregnancy potential considerably.

Dietary Habits

Intake of toxic and destructive food and drink items can trigger infertility in both men and women. Taking more healthy and hygienic fruits and vegetables with proteins will improve fertility in both sexes. Using a lot of caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and fatty foods may impair the sperm count in males and it also decreases the chances of fertile pregnancy in women. Therefore, you need to be very careful in making choices for your daily meal to have a healthy and happy family life.

Using Mobiles

Using cell phones and mobile phones on excessive time is harmful to the fertility of especially men. Continuous exposure to radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiations can affect the sperm count and seemingly healthy sperm percentage in males.

Drug Addiction

Drug addicts also lose their health and mental stability that affects their fertility highly. These toxic intakes make a person weak and there are fewer chances for a normal pregnancy. The chances of infertility and miscarriage in the case of pregnancy are very high in the persons who are using heavy drugs regularly