Couples Coaching

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Man is a social animal and he starts learning different behaviors since his birth. He learns how to interact with his fellow beings which include humans, animals, plants, environment, and the socio-economic system in which he lives. He learns all these things from the surroundings, human dealings, and by observing the behaviors of others with each other. All that he learns, is either become a habit or to the most, it can become a part of his instinct. Even though we all learn from each other, we are still not the same.

Every person has his own experiences and the way of looking at those experiences of his life that is why we all develop different conducts in ourselves. We have to bear with others who are near to us like our family members, friends, and colleagues. It is experienced the most when we are in a relationship with a person whether it is a husband and wife’s relationship or any other commitment.

Couples usually start concentrating on differences between them rather than the similarities or mutual interests that have made them closer. As they start knowing each other more deeply, they may find a lot of things which they don’t like in the other self that they have been overseeing for a long time due to the excitement and attraction which they feel for each other. With time, these differences become more vibrant and obvious that creates problems in their relationships. When these dissimilarities become very much hyped to handle, either it is time to call off their relationship or to consult a relationship counselor.

Mostly, the relationship counselors work on the same technique which includes the psychoanalysis of the person and knowing the sequences of events that had been happening in the past and later on they give you a checklist of do’s and don’ts to save your relationship. Traditional couples coaching treats every couple the same way without considering the personality differences. We are offering a completely unique and more effective style of coaching for couples. We are not only throwing our knowledge or ideas, for solving their problems, on them all at once and leaving the action part totally upon them.

Our method of relationship coaching for couples focuses more on the emotional triggers of the partners. When those emotional triggers are hit by others, your body and mind give an involuntary response which is automatically generated by your body. These responses may have been residing in your families from your ancestors as the descendants usually learn different behaviors from their parents and forefathers. What we do is we tell you about different practices like exhaling and inhaling for a few minutes to release that emotion from your body to help prevent yourself from giving automatic response that is hitting your relationship