Clean your House Yourself or Hire a Professional

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What to Look for in a Professional Cleaner

Some people might have a maid to clean their house, while others prefer to do things themselves. The larger the house you have, the more you have to clean and the longer it can take you to get the job done. Combine that with a busy lifestyle of work and kids and you might have far less time to clean the house than you thought you might have.  It’s one of the main reasons people hire house cleaners and the need is such that there are always people available to hire.

Some people feel the need to always have a clean house, and have no problem hiring someone to clean it for them.  Others don’t trust a stranger in their home to get the job done, or to be around their valuables. They fear that this person who is supposed to be cleaning the house will steal from them, or tell someone else what they have, setting them up for theft. And lastly there are those that feel the price is too high to pay for someone to clean their house, and would rather leave it till they can get to it themselves.

Do You Trust Them?

Trust is a big issue for some people, and it could be a problem if you have someone in your home that you don’t trust.  It makes it hard to think straight if you are constantly worrying about someone stealing from you, and it is a huge area of trust for some people.  While it might seem that people want to steal from you, the truth is they just want to do their job and go home.  You have to be able to trust someone if they are in your home cleaning, because they are going to be near your most private places, such as your bathroom.

If trust is an issue for you, you might stick to friends and family, people you are close to, cleaning your house for you.  Children are great for getting some of the cleaning done, for a small wage.  And those that are real go getters will want to do it for you all the time, so long as you pay them.  If this is not an option for you, perhaps hire some friends if they are looking to make an extra buck.  Otherwise you are back to doing everything yourself.  Before you hire anyone, you might want to consider your options.

Hire an Individual

An individual is a risk to take when you hire someone.  You can do certain background checks yourself if you have a home computer and create your own application.  Or you can hire someone you know and trust, this way you are familiar with them.  You could also hire by word of mouth, or by looking in the phone book.  While many cleaners are from companies there are some out there that do their own business of cleaning.  These are the ones that you would want to hire as they should be licensed.  And you do have the right to see that license before you let them work on your house.

If you have gotten over your trust issues, then hiring an individual will have some benefits.  They are more likely to do a better job as they will want to have repeat business from you, or even spread the word about their work.  They are more likely to do some of the tougher jobs that companies will either charge extra for, or turn you down for.  If they are starting their business or budgeting their time you might only get a few hours out of them, or they might offer to come back at a later time.

An individual hire has some cost benefits, but usually the rate is higher.  You do get what you pay for, so an individual might charge per room, or per task, depending on what you are having them do.  They come only during the day, usually finishing their day by 5pm.  Rarely are their individuals that do cleaning in the evenings.  If there are only certain rooms you want them to touch, this is the best choice for you.

With an individual, you get to know them, trust them and they become a regular around your house.

Hire a Company

When you hire a company, you are going to have more accountability on their work.  They are not only licensed and certified, but have supervisors that you can talk to about the people in your home.  Many times, on the first visit, a supervisor or the head cleaner for your area will accompany the team that will be assigned to your house.  This way you can address the issues you want taken care of, and go over it with them.  They will give you their contact information if there are any problems or concerns that you might have.  (If their number is not offered to you, be sure and ask for it.)

With a company, you will have specific rooms that they offer in package deals, and you might get more than one cleaner to take care of your home.  This will depend on how big your house is, how much work there is to do, and how many accounts that they have.  The work will be done faster with more than one person, making it easier for you to allow people in and out of your home.

Companies have specials that individuals don’t offer, at rates that are more affordable with the longer you retain their services.  For example, you will get a better month to month rate if you hire them for the entire year.

What to Expect

On the first day of a cleaning with hired help, you are going to have to spend a little time instructing them on what they can and can’t touch. You will need to be clear on instructions on what you want them to clean and how often you want them to clean it. You might have to go over personal items or specific things you want done.

A company might do a deep cleaning their first time in your home, with a lighter cleaning each time after that.  You can always request a deep cleaning later, if you feel you need it again, but there will be an additional charge. And individual will only clean what you want them to, with very little drive to do more.  (Of course this depends on the individual.