7 Ways to Help Your Kids Sleep in the Summer Heat

Xiaou Princess Health


It's easy to cool off during the day but it's a different story at night. Your kids may have a hard time sleeping in the summer heat but don't worry; there are some ways to keep kids cool. While there is nothing that can be done to control the weather, a few tips can help your kids sleep peacefully.

One of the main factors affecting your ability to sleep is we get into sleep, the core body temperature decrease to become cooler, and if it's too warm at night, it prevents that process to take place interrupting deep sleep.

1.      Ceiling fans

Those who don’t have air conditioners at home can benefit greatly from ceiling fans. They are much cheaper and cost-effective than air conditioners. It keeps the body cool by controlling the temperature of the room. As air circulates over the body, this causes core body temperature to drop. Moreover, the ceiling fans offer easier breathing by creating proper airflow and ventilation as air moves constantly in the room. A common problem is that kids wake up in the middle of the night due to sweating. Having a ceiling fan in the bedroom offers comfortable room temperature allowing stable levels of body temperature.

Circulation of clean air prevents mosquitoes, molds and bad smells that can interrupt your child’s sleep. Ceiling fans benefit your child’s sleep due to the white noise. This subtle, soothing noise coming from the fan blades encourages deep sleep and also helps with tiredness and insomnia. The gentle white noise blocks the outdoor distracting sounds allowing you kids to sleep better.  Find some cute and quality fans here: viva living today

2.      Light loose clothing

It is better to choose light, loose cotton dry-fit fabric nightwear for sleep as it tends to dry sweat quickly and allows movement of air. Avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon and silk as these are not breathable and make your kids feel warmer during summer. Dress your kids in light-colored and light-weight clothes to prevent sweating.

3.      Stay close to the ground

As the hot air rises, try to keep your kids as low to the ground as possible by tossing the mattress on the floor or break out the air mattress. For multi-story homes, your kids should sleep on the first floor or the basement to have a cooling effect as the temperature tends to concentrate on top. 

4.      Wet curtains or sheets

Furthermore, create your air conditioners by spraying water on the curtains or hanging wet sheets in front of an open window. Any breeze blowing through will quickly lower the room’s temperature by evaporation. Make sure to keep curtains and blinds closed during the day but open all the bedroom doors and windows to increase ventilation.

5.      Turn off lights

If you want your kids to sleep better, avoid turning on any lights at night as lighting tends to generate more heat increasing the room temperature. Also, turn off all the unwanted electrical devices to reduce heat dissipation.

6.      Keep kids cool

Make sure that your kids are well-hydrated. To prevent the body from overheating, kids should have fresh light dinner as heavy, hot meals forces the body to generate more heat for digestion. Moreover, to let your kids sleep comfortably on a hot night, try to give them a lukewarm bath. Avoid cold water as it can have a rebound effect.

7.      Have a cool mattress

Mattress using memory foam traps body heat but cooling mattresses have made of latex, spring features a cooling cover that promotes the circulation of air. Hence, they keep your children cool throughout the night by neutralizing the surface temperature of the mattress