Most Common Eye Problems Symptoms And Its Solutions

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Most of the time people have eye problems. Some of them are minor one which does not need attention while some are severe one which requires the consultation with ent specialist or opthmalogists. 

There are so many eye problems and you may not be familiar with all these problems. So in this post we will discuss the eye problems and its solutions. Within a few days, your eye will come back on track. 

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Top Eye Problem And Its Solution

Eyestrain - Most Common Eye Problem

It is one of the most common eye issue that everyone is suffering now a days. The major causes of this problem is continous reading for long hours, long drive, overuse of mobile or television. 

If your eyes getting continuous eye strain then you have to give sometime to your eyes for relaxation. If this problem still persists then you need to consult Opthamologists near you. 

Red Eyes

The eyes are covered with blood vessels when they are irritated or infected. As a result of which eyes looks network. 

The major reason for red eyes are lack of sleep, allergies or any fatal injury, sun damage. You need to consult any eye specialist to cure the eye problem.

Night Blindness

It is very hard for some people to see at night. They are facing issues while searching for ways in night or dark places.

Some people are having this problem by birth or develop from degenerative disease which involves the retina which can not be treated normally. You need to careful in areas of low light or visit Ophthalmologists in Ahmedabad

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye generally happen when one eye does not grow or develop properly. Normally, the sight of this eye is very low compared to the other one. It mostly found in infants, children and adults too. The treatment should be started immediately in the case of infants and children. 


This is the common name for the group of diseases which cause inflammation of uvea. Uvea is the middle layer of the eye which contains most of the blood vessels. This disease can destroy the eye tissue and in most severe cases, it leads to the loss of eyesight. 

The major reason for this problem is AIDS, Rheumatoid, Arthritis or Ulcerative colitis. Some of the major symptoms are

  1. Blurred Vision
  2. Eye Pain
  3. Eye Redness
  4. Light Sensitivity