9 Best Wireless Headphones for running 2018.

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Why Choose Wireless Headphones? 

As with everything, and although there is no doubt that these are a good option, wireless headphones have their arguments for and against. So, summarizing the main advantages of using Bluetooth headsets when it's your turn to run , or you train yourself are:

Total freedom of movement- because they do not bring cables, with what this entails in greater comfort.
Greater reach- It's not that you can get away miles away, but wireless headphones have a wider range of scope, and of course, superior to that offered by traditional cases, which are quite limited.

Synchronization and faster connection- Most wireless headphones connect with smartphones via Bluetooth quickly and easily, and you can synchronize with other devices without the need for cables.

The other side of the coin is that wireless headphones also have their disadvantages , such as the quality of sound . You will have to resort to high-end wireless helmets, if what you are looking for is to reduce to the minimum expression the annoying section of the interferences. 

Two other chapters that present wireless headphones against him are the battery and the compatibility . On the one hand, as with any electronic device, it needs to be recharged, especially if we intend to make intensive use of them. Although the wireless headphones offer an easy synchronization, yes it is true that we must not overlook, whether these are compatible or not with our mobile devices or mp3 music players.

And of course, another disadvantage of wireless headphones is their price, obviously higher than standard helmets. And not only increase their cost because they do not carry cables, but because they tend to have very careful designs, and even additional functions.

9 Best Wireless Headphones

1. Beoplay H5

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The Beoplay H5 wireless headphones are designed for the active sportsman and who need the motivation of the music to improve in each training session. The Beoplay H5 guarantee total freedom of movement and high-quality sound in equal parts. Very comfortable and durable, thanks to the use of superior materials in its manufacture. They have a battery of 5 hours and with the possibility of managing music and calls manually, or also by voice controls.

2. Bose Quietcontrol 30

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As its name suggests, the Bose QuietControl 30 wireless headphones are capable of offering you maximum control over noise cancellation. The objective of this sound system of the Massachusetts brand is none other than to offer you a perfectly balanced sound performance, and independent of the volume you have adjusted. The Bose QuietControl 30 also stand out for its light design with a neck band that fits without problems. Bluetooth connection and compatible with the exclusive Bose Connect app, which allows you to increase the functionality of these sports headphones.

3. Hbuds H1 SE

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The sports headphones HBUDS H1 SE 4.1 are very versatile because they come with built-in microphone and connection via bluetooth. In addition, these music helmets are made of waterproof materials, and also include the exterior noise cancellation system. This model is ideal for sports such as running , while they are compatible with a wide range of mobile terminals such as Sony, Samsung, Huawei and even iPhone.

4. Jaybrid X3

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The Jaybrid X3 sports headphones represent the third generation of this successful X series of the North American brand. A model that stands out for its smaller design and also for its enormous performance in relation to the quality of sound, the battery life - up to 8 hours of playback - and even the section of the grip that Jaybrid X3 results in much more secure. The Jaybrid X3 are also built to withstand water and sweat, and allow you to manage both music and calls.

5. JBL Reflect Fit

Going one step further is the maxim that every athlete has, and with the JBL Reflect Fit sports headphones, the advance is closer, thanks to the fact that these helmets include heart rate monitor technology. And is that the JBL Reflect Fit are designed to be compatible with a high percentage of heart rate fitness applications, so you can know, in real time, the data of your training with a single touch on the headphones.

The JBL Reflect Fit sports helmets also feature an ergonomic design, allowing an adjustment and adaptable to each movement. The JBL Reflect Fit go beyond the sports field, because they are also an excellent travel companion for an active lifestyle, and they have a 10-hour extended battery and integrated microphone to be connected at all times.


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The JVC HA-EBT5 wireless headphones bring everything you need to stay motivated with music in your training sessions. Through the Bluetooth connection you will have absolute freedom of movement, but thanks to the Pivot Motion Fit system, you will also enjoy a secure and comfortable hold. Even, these JVC HA-EBT5 incorporates a remote control to interact with the synchronized Smartphone. In addition to offering an autonomy of up to 4.5 hours of listening from the hand of its integrated rechargeable battery.

7. LG Tone Active + HBS A100

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The maximum sound performance optimized for the athlete is what the LG Tone Active + HBS A100 headphones offer you , your perfect companions to improve your physical fitness, maintaining the motivation and rhythm in each workout. The External Stereo Speakers system provides an immersive personal sound experience, plus the Quad-Laver Speaker technology, as well as the double MEMS microphones. These LG sports headphones lead you to sound excellence.

8. Philips SHQ6500CL

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The Philips SMQ6500CL sports headphones feature an open acoustic design, through which not only increases recognition, but also safety. To all this, these Philips SMQ6500CL offer a high sound performance, and thanks to its anti-slip rubber pads, the headphones are kept in the right place. They also allow you to control the music, as well as manage the calls that enter your Smartphone. These sports helmets are adapted for any training.

9. Olycism Earphone

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The Olycism Earphone wireless headphones have a great point in favor that they are a multifunctional device, and that it is capable of acting as an mp3 music player, if there is no synchronized bluetooth terminal, because it has an 8GB memory disk to store music or podcast With its patented IPX8 system, the Olycism Earphones work equally well both in and out of the water.  Thanks to its Pinna design, these Olycism Earphones offer a tight grip so that the headphones do not fall while you train, and always maintaining comfort. With all this, the Olycism Earphone headphones are designed for sports activities such as running, swimming or indoor and / or fitness training sessions.