Jimmy's Wish for Life Shows the Reality Behind the Rhetoric of the Women in Power

Quenby Wilcox Having It All


Dear Journalist,

This is an open letter to all journalist to please cover this story.

Please see the content of my letters to Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and Senator Barbara Boxer below, regarding the case of the attempted murder of Jimmy Ryan in Japan and it's cover-up by the Japanese police. This case started in 2007 with the American Consulate and Embassy failing to fulfill their legal obligation to protect the life and rights of this minor child, thereby rendering the US government complicit to his attempted murder, and the cover up of that attempted murder by Japanese police.

The boy's death is imminent, and if this boy dies, authorities within the American Embassy & Consulate, the US State Department, and US Congressional members, who have been informed about this crime and their obligation to act under US federal law and international law, will become complicit and accessories to the murder and death of this child!

These public authorities have the power and authority to act under the Convention of Consular Relations and international law jurisprudence. WHAT ALL OF THESE PUBLIC AUTHORITIES ARE MISSING IS THE DESIRE & VOLUNTUDE TO "PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS"!! -- (Along with the regulatory agencies who sold their souls to the devil a long time ago!)

All information in the case of the American minor child in Japan, Jimmy Ryan is posted on the following:

Jimmy's Wish website (in Japanese)

Jimmy's Wish campaign on Facebook (in English)

Jimmy's Wish campaign on (in English)

Jimmy's Wish campaign on Youtube (in English & Japanese)

American Family seeking Justice and Treatment for Son Suffocated by Japanese Military Doctors -- A Japan-based American family seeks the help of the public to save the life of their son, Jimmy Ryan who is a victim of a suffocation atrocity, and series of violations of his human rights beginning several years ago. After years of negligence and denial of life-saving medical intervention, the family has taken to internet, seeking help from the public to save Jimmy, by signing the Jimmy's Wish petition. The family seeks justice and pleads with the public to sign their petition that demands U.S...