Why Esquire Label is The Best US Online Fashion Store

Xiaou Princess Fashion


The title for being the best in the US is something any business craves, its a lot more than bragging rights. This is even more important for online businesses as they are exposed to a far stronger scrutiny then brick and mortar business. 

Small boutiques often face the brunt of scrutiny by customers online, its this that acts as a catalyst for many ecommerce businesses to act with creative approaches.

Rise in Female Shoppers Worldwide:

2019 saw the rise of female online shoppers worldwide, this index has been continuously rising with 1 in 6 women showing interest in online purchases for items ranging from cosmetics to fashion wear and accessories. Esquire and similar boutiques target such customers to increase their online sales as well number of loyal customers. 

Instagram and Facebook are also major contributors with shopify, amazon, eBay providing online stores multiple avenues to increase their reach to targeted customers.

As people eye for convenience, ecommerce business is forecasted to boom throughout the decade, many major retail outlets have started focusing their efforts towards a more consolidated approach towards online business.

Attention to Details Pushes You Above Competition:

Esquire might be a small boutique in comparison to big names such as Tobi, nastygirl and revolve. Our focus towards the nitty gritties avoided by major brands makes us preferred choice by our customers. 

A selected range of designs add a fresh retinue to existing fashionwear. For any woman it's the look of being glamourous and looking beautiful that matters when it comes to wardrobe. 

At Esquire we magnify our efforts in understanding body types and our dresses are stitched to bring out that curvaceous figure out for any woman, making her the centre of attention wherever they go. 

Unique and Trendy Designs:

Fashion is a lot more than just pretty looking dresses, each of our dresses have their personality designed and stitched to stand out from the crowd. Our focus to details adds a unique flair to everything from stitches to measurements. Esquire’s team of fashionistas focus on every single attribute of your body and personality before we start working on our dresses. It's not just looking Good we want you to be the showstopper with our Fashion. 

Acting Upon Customer Feedback:

Business is an arduous and lonely journey to the top riddled with continuous evolution and when it comes to the fashion business then it filled with eccentric people. Esquire Label has always focused on improving our standards by listening to our critics and customers. Our clients are the best jury for us, their continuous suggestions and advice has helped us reach beyond our milestones. 

Online businesses that turn a deaf ear to customer reviews never outgrow their own shadow, beating the competition requires continuously improving your brand as well your modifying your fashion sense as per the trends and the needs of your customers. We believe in continuously working with our customers and improving everything on our online fashion store from our dresses to our business processes. Everyone has bad days and fumbles, but smart businesses work on those to repeat success not failures. At Esquire Label we strive to our title as the best fashion store in the US tightly within our grasp.