What is the brides bouquet called

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Have you ever wondered why a bride carries a hand bouquet during her wedding? Well, it may seem something special and romantic but in truth it is just a simple gestured passed down over centuries. Back in the Victorian Era, it was believed it was to mask the smell of the bride. In history bath time would be in May, that is why weddings happened in June and, the women would be the last one to bathe in a shared tub inside a household. That is just one of the beliefs of where or why bridal hand bouquet existed in the first place. Traditionally and internationally, the name of the Bride’s bouquet hardly differs. 

The bride’s bouquet was never originally known as a hand bouquet or just a bride’s bouquet. Historically, they are known by different names and by different popular shapes and styles. It can be styles as the Nosegay, crescent or cascading. The art of flower arrangement that are hand held came from Japan as the oldest known book talking about it was found in Japan. Although such creativity originated from Egypt as they arranged flowers in vases. 

A bride’s hand bouquet can be called a “Tussie-mussie”, “talking bouquet” or the “flower poesy”. This was done during the Victorian Era when giving bouquets became a popular form of gift giving or a sentimental one. The different ways of calling the wedding bouquet was because of its design and or the meaning of which it held. People called it different names over the centuries because of the fact that it’s use was also changed and adapted through cultural modernization. The wedding bouquet originated in the Victorian Era.  Because of the different language of flowers. It is known, even today, that different kinds of flowers represent or symbolizes different things or have messages within their meanings. A bride’s bouquet is no different. 

The Nosegay is the most common term used in the modern world today, as it is also one of the most common type of flower arrangement that brides normally have or choose on their wedding day. The Nosegay is also the term used to call a hand bouquet that is simple and therefore somewhat an original form of flower arrangement that has been passed down through centuries. Only when the art of flower arrangement became popular that other names and terms for a bride’s bouquet was introduced. 

Of course, in any country that celebrate marriages with a bride carrying a hand bouquet have always called it a wedding bouquet, in many different languages. It has become an international custom or symbolization, practiced by many countries all over the world. Although the origins of such practice may differ, as some believe it to be a symbol to ward off evil spirits as some would like to believe it was to entice the newly weds into making love. Some believe it to be something that a bride should carry to symbolize sweetness or fertility. Some flowers have fertility as a meaning so that kind of thinking is not too far off. 

Choosing the right flowers for a hand bouquet or a flower arrangement for a bride can sometimes be deemed crucial because of the different symbolizations. That is why most bride’s have customized hand bouquets that suit what they want to symbolize or suit the theme of her wedding. Often times, the flower arrangement would be based on a color theme and not of what the flowers mean. Choosing a hand bouquet for her wedding is deemed a special and or crucial part of the wedding planning as it has also been tradition to throw the bouquet after the wedding and whoever catches it would be the next one or would have good fortune. 

There is even a belief, long ago that the bride was deemed lucky and having good fortune and a hand bouquet was her protection as people would try to rip off parts of her dress in hopes that they may take some of her good fortune with them. Now that is a century that brides do not want to live in.  Of course, the hand bouquet or the wedding bouquet had been tradition for centuries, and they have symbolized weddings and harmonious unions for years. 

Whatever people believe a hand bouquet symbolizes, or the what it is called, or the reason for it, would all end up with what the bride’s reason for it or the origin of hand bouquets in their country. But all of the people know by the term “wedding bouquet” or a “bride’s bouquet” this would automatically mean or refer to the flower that the bride would be carrying as she walks down the aisle. A symbol or not, this is a special traditional and customary part of any wedding. 

A hand bouquet is the bride’s own and special addition to her wedding that she has chosen like how she has chosen her partner and her wedding gown. Each bouquet is special and unique as it is for a different and unique bride all across the world. A hand bouquet has always been a special piece in any wedding that carries a lot of weight despite its size. It holds great significance for a bride and a special meaning and reason that she would carry with her all throughout her married life. A bride’s bouquet is never just an ordinary bouquet.