Trending Men's Fashion Ideas

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There are lots of trending men's fashions this year, and we have a list of some of the more popular trends. Check it out. 

Over the Shoulder Bags

Also known as the cross-body bag, over the shoulder bags are suitable for keeping your belongings safe. You can carry it in a messenger style and fashionably secure your stuff. The best part is that you can adjust the length of your strap, and if that is not an option, simply tie a knot and make it look even more classic. 

Cuban Collar Shirts

You can feel the summer season at its best while wearing a Cuban collar shirt and hitting the streets. You can enjoy with short sleeves and a distinctive collar that will help make you stand out from the rest. Just go with a bold print or choose a monochrome color. You can complete the look with the help of some cool shades and a summer hat. Slide into some loafers and you’re all set to go catch some live music out on the town.

Flare Pants

The 70s trends are making a fashionable comeback, I mean who doesn’t appreciate the styles from the 70s? As they regain popularity among the younger crowds, flare pants, tie-die, and butterfly collard shirts can be seen on the streets in most cities. With these fashions coming back again, there are so many new varieties of pants and shirts that have shown up in the market. So keep an eye out for these new trends, and try som flare pants that can be paired with a slim fitting shirt and even a turtleneck to complete that boho style. It will definitely make you look like you have some real taste in fashion.

Shorts That Are Up the Knee

So, while shorts look really cool in summer, try something new this year, go for over the knee shorts. You can stay covered and comfortable in them without looking awkward. Having some fresh kicks or sandals with an open shirt will complete this stylish summery look. 

Extra-Large Blazers

Remember the time when pop stars were drooling over the oversized blazer trend? Well, it is back with all its charm in 2020. You can pair it with a jacket and jeans, and it is an ideal way to bring something retro to your wardrobe collection. A basic T-shirt and jeans will also look amazing with this street style look. 

Patch Prints

Patchwork pants are the real way to get attention with their bold statement looks. You can have plaids or designs from Versace, and it will look great on you. Remember not to hold back, instead, contrast with some bold monochrome colors for a picturesque feel. 

So, now you see, this year's trending men's fashion ideas are revolving around bringing back classics with a twist of some boldness and fun. Visit for more trending men’s fashion, and don’t forget to check out for other men’s styles. But the most important thing regarding these top trends is finding comfort in anything you wear. For this, choosing the styles that accentuate your personality is highly essential, and you should never ignore this fact. We hope this article helped you in exploring some of the best trends for men's fashion this year.