The Growth of Women's Sporting Wear

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Women's sports are growing every year, and with that growth blooms industries that didn't previously exist. If someone said back in the 1960s that women's sports would be a billion-dollar industry, they would have been thrown in the looney bin. Today, female athletes are growing more popular than ever before. Women's basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, and Olympic athletes are all getting the attention of fans worldwide. So it's no surprise that women's sporting attire has bloomed into such a big business. 

The women's American soccer team has gained popularity around the world, and U.S. soccer jersey sales are taking off and selling out of stores. Shirts, shorts, cleats, and posters are all becoming hot commodities as the women's U.S. soccer team continues to display dominance on a global level. 

The WNBA was formed in 1996 and has grown into a very profitable league with a global fan base that includes men, women, and children. Superstars have been born in the WNBA and have thrived on and off the court as professional athletes. Jersey sales and other related sporting goods continue to sell out in stores around the country. Women's basketball is more popular than ever, and the numbers prove it. 

The tennis game has never been the same since the Williams sisters showed up on the scene. The 1980s had its share of tennis stars that grew in popularity, but nothing like the ladies of tennis today. From the Williams sisters to Anna Kornakova, the women of tennis have been responsible for driving the booming clothing market through the roof. Tennis equipment, skirts, shorts, and shirts have all grown in popularity as they have pushed the limits on this sport. 

Golf has taken off and outgrown many of the other sports as these women have swung their way through 18 holes in fashionable ladies sleeveless golf shirts. Golf skirts, skorts, shorts, shirts, and shoes have sold consistently for years now, and the young ladies of golf aren't done yet. This sport continues to be an attractive option for any young female athlete looking to find success with popular sports. The ability to have a career in golf is more accessible than ever, and these young ladies are taking the lead and blazing trails. 

Women in Olympic sports continue to inspire young ladies around the world. The women's U.S. Olympic team has been producing young superstars since Mary Lou Retton in the 1980s. Today superstars like Simone Biles have gained the attention of the entire world as she springs through the air, twisting and turning with pure athleticism. Today's Olympic stars are more fit than ever, and they are influencing a new generation of healthy young ladies to be active and enjoy the sport. 

All these sports collectively have contributed to the rise of women's sports attire, making it one of the biggest clothing markets on the planet. Sports is a thriving commercial industry that relies on young, talented athletes to wear and promote their products. The growth of women's sports has single handedly propelled the women's sports clothing industry.