Korean Traditional and Modern Hanbok

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An article of Korean traditional clothing, named as “Hanbok”, with a tint of modern style is very popular these days. Many people are aspiring to wear the old attire in a new millennium with all its dignity and delicacy. Almost a century ago, there was a golden historical time when this gear was worn on a daily basis in Korea. But it is still in use on special occasions and celebrations. It is equally famous among males and females and children also like to wear this as well. The structure and form of this traditional dress are as old as the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 BCE- 668 CE).

The icon of Korean culture, a Hanbok, consists of three main parts including jeogori (jacket), baji (pants), and the chima (skirt). The upper main part of the dress is a jacket that is worn above the petticoat of the skirt to cover the belt. The structure of Hanbok was originally designed for easy movement during daily routines but it has gone beyond its purpose and became a Korean fashion symbol.

Another specialty of Korean dress Hanbok is its colors and lines for which it has been known for years till now. Traditional Hanbok had different motifs that had meaning to represent the wishes of the people who wore it. For example, peonies were made on a Korean wedding dress to symbolize the wish for wealth and honor, bats, and pomegranates for having children, dragons, cranes, tigers, and phoenixes were dedicated for high officials only. The colors have also been symbolizing the social status of the persons wearing it. For Example, mostly young girls and kids wore bright colors including red, blue, green, and yellow. While the light hues of these colors were generally used in old aged women.

With time, color combinations and embroidery motifs have taken its place in modern Hanbok. Even the basic form and design of Hanbok is still the same with just little changes to make it appealing for modern-day culture as well. Children’s Hanbok is also available in the market with a variety of designs and colors that can be worn at any formal occasion. This dress is available in semi-formal, formal, and casual styles as well. It is made of silk, linens, and cotton according to the season and purpose of wearing. It is very popular for wearing on weddings, birthdays, parties, and other celebrations.

Many young girls and guys are attracted to this Korean gear after watching Kingdom Netflix and The King Netflix. These both are Korean shows that are present on Netflix. Beautiful Hanbok designs have been worn by the characters of these shows that have set the trend among our young generation to buy custom-made Korean dress befitting their style as well as fulfilling their wish to wear a traditional Hanbok. You would have to try it once, if you have seen this dress anywhere on TV, the internet, or in real life. The Premium Korean Hanbok Store has a huge collection of Hanbok for males and females. Traditional Korean kid’s clothing is also there at the store with various vibrant colors and beautiful embroidery motifs.

Though there have been many developments in this attire over time, the traditional Korean Hanbok will continue to stay in fashion forever