How to be headhunted

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The headhunt approach by executive recruiters has drastically gained pace in the market. In this competitive market when thousands are looking for jobs, an ad for vacancy and walk-in interviews are often fruitless efforts. Some of the best firms recruit their team through headhunting and this is why you should be on your best behavior. For an employee, headhunting means receiving a better job offer from another company in comparison to the place you are currently working without sending out your resumes. 

So a recruit, how do you get invited to the informal coffee meeting by the headhunter? Here are a few tips to get headhunted:

1. Be Social For Visibility:

How is anybody going to headhunt if you lock yourself away punching on your favorite snack? The first step to being within reach of headhunting radar, you should be visible and social while modestly carrying your capability. Attend events where there is a high possibility of recruiting firms such as forums, lunchtime seminars, or conferences related to your work line and industry and simply socialize. Another technique of being visible is well rounded in your career, which means to contribute to your industry. You can contribute by getting published, speak at conferences, volunteer your professional skills, or even start a blog.

2. Business Cards and Allys: 

Giving out your business card as a technique of networking works in two ways. First and foremost it makes you easily reachable by the recruiter. Secondly, you make a professional ally. In case one of your allies is not interested in getting hired, he may recommend you to the head hunter. These sorts of relations go a long way in professions. 

3. Social Accounts:

Even for recruiters scrolling through employees' personal social media accounts is a minefield to violations of personal space invasion but they do it and perhaps on a daily basis. This means you have you maintain your professional persona as well on social media. Your accounts should be open so you are reachable, clean, interesting, and professionally attractive. Social networking platforms such as LinkedIn are created purposely to help you in professional life. Another platform category such as Talentis is helping both the recruit and recruiter. The platform allows you to create an account specifically to attract a headhunter free of charge.

4. Know the difference:

Head-hunter and a recruitment consultant are two different entities. A consultant will call your desk and right away launch the conversation about the vacancy at their company and even share how they found you. However, headhunter never reveals the source of how they found you and it would be bizarre to ask as well. Another difference is that a headhunter first builds trust and answers your queries in an informal meeting before revealing the client’s name. 

5. Meetings:

If you receive a call from a headhunter and even if you are not interested in it is always advisable to go anyway. It will help you gain experience on what quality questions are asked, how to behave, and even the salary range in your industry