Gemstones That Are in Trend Right Now

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Certain gemstone minefields do not have a constant supply and the production is also affected by certain environmental and technical factors. There are only four pure gemstones diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire and the rest are known as semi gemstones or semi-precious stones. These semi-precious stones are often worth more than pure stones.

Gemstone rocks are auctioned every month which also determines the trend of the month/year for gemstones sale because in 60 days auctions provide positive feedback. The prices of gemstone vary between the local market and certified gems due to the grantee of authenticity. Through our article at, you can have clarity for which gems to invest in or buy in the upcoming seasons.

Cabochon stones: 

These stones are round or with a convex, no faceting and plain or slightly boomed base. These highly polished gemstones can be cut in any shape but the oval is the most common. Cabochon stones are found in a variety of colors and are in trend for a while now due to the increase in the homemade jewelry business. Cabochon gems have ideal buyers and sellers and have great re-sell prices in the market and even in dealings over social media and are included in the top ten category list of trends.


Due to tourmaline on top of the trendy scale in 2019 mid months, sapphire was preferred on the second number in the market sell. Sapphire is famous for its color (especially blue) hardness, durability, and luster. Sapphire nature is Transparent to opaque. This gemstone less known colors include brown, red, yellow, and a reflective blue/green color. The most sought out sapphire was padparadscha sapphire which is pinkish-orange in look. The padparadscha is the Singhalese word for lotus bloom. 


These gemstones are not rare yet very previous and often preferred purchase in terms of spouse rings or heartly gifts due to the popularity of being the hardest substance on earth. The most common type of diamond used is transparent or colorless in nature but colored diamonds also exist and are known as fancies or fancy diamonds. Fancies are found in blue, red, green, black, purple, grey, yellow, pink, orange and brown which are fainted in color and more rarer than other gemstones. 


This year tourmaline has top all the categories of gemstones as fairly inexpensive, the reason being that you can find this gemstone in all colors except pink, red, green, and blue. It is knowns for being the most colorful of all semi gemstones. Tourmaline mines are also a natural producer of multi-colored stones due to its nature, a sum up combination of multi-minerals and diverse chemical and physical properties. The mineral Elbaite has a lot of influence on gemstone structure and is found in heavy quality in tourmaline.


The trend of the cool sea blue color of aquamarine was sold like hot cakes in 2019 according to the Pantone list of colors. Aquamarine (Latin word for seawater) is a semi gem from Beryl Family with excellent clarity and transparency and with green hues. It can be found in faint light blue to blue and bluish-green, and indigo to violet to lilac to the periwinkle shade of colors. Although the green hues in Aquamarine can be removed through heat treatment. 


The unique blend of colors made opal the popular choice since the latter half of 2017 till 2019 and is likely to stay in 2020 as well. Opal is Australia's national gemstone and its 90% of production is done in Australia. The internal structure of opal is responsible for the variety of colors it comes in. The internal structure differs from those of cubical structure those like diamonds. The little spheres in opal structure split the sunrays lights as it hits the stone which results in different color hues and has a rather milky structure. The most visible hues are green and blue. 


Discovered in eastern Africa in 1967. As the name suggests tanzanite is supplied from the only gemstone producing mines in Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro. It belongs to the zoisite family of gems. It became the most sought after gemstone in 2019 due to its similar look of sapphire but at a lower and more affordable cost while staying rare and beautiful. Tanzanite comes in a range of a deep or vivid blue with a tinge of purple hues which changes and reflects as you move around in light or sunray.


This gemstone is known for its refractive index that tops all of the other gemstones refraction. Zircon range of colors include red, pink, orange, honey, green and white. The blue zircon is the most famous gemstones for the sparkles. Whereas honey zircon is known for being the most inexpensive and green zircon is the rarest. 

Even though dealers and collectors are more potential customers but the gemstone can be used for incredible jewelry look.