Buying Thailand Jewelry

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If you are looking for Thailand Jewelry then Chatuchak Weekend Market is THE ultimate Bangkok market for you. It is the mother of all markets, and a real MUST when visiting Bangkok! It is one of the biggest weekend markets in the world, covering more than one km, consisting of a whopping 15,000 booths selling just about anything you can imagine, from every corner of Thailand! Including some of the best wholesale Sterling Silver Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, Chatuchak has many reputable sellers along with a number of stalls selling junk. Some of the stalls at Chatuchak are small offerings from much larger stores from within Bangkok. There is definitely plenty out there. And certainly, something for everyone.

Please do take note though, that what you may see in an advertisement given to you on the street or on the internet, most often has little to do with what you will find when in the market. So make sure you set aside a full days shopping. That way, you can do a thorough route around and get what you want. Oh and don’t forget to bring your haggle, it is the only way to get the best pieces and a little tip, always try and speak a little bit of Thai when haggling, the locals love it!

Jewelry Shopping in Chatuchak

A tourist attraction in itself, the Chatuchak market draws more than 200 000 visitors a day! It is popular among both local Thais, foreigners living in Bangkok and tourists. You should come here and have a look even if you are not a big shopper. It is great fun, but can also be a very hot and humid experience.

Jewelry selection at the Bangkok Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as the "JJ" Market - is incredible. Open every Sat. – Sun. 9a-1800. Get there early -- the crowds can be over 200,000 people every weekend. For good reason: the bargains and selection are incomparable, anywhere in the world.

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