Best Quotes to Welcome the Birth of Your First Baby

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There are a lot of things that many people do to welcome the newborn baby, especially if it is the first time they have a baby. Of course, there are some basic needs that you need to prepare. Those things are also the things that you should never forget if you are welcoming the birth of your baby. Even though, there are some other things that you might want to prepare when you give birth to your first baby. It is the welcoming quote. Some people might think that this is not something common. Even though you have to admit that welcoming the baby with the nice quotes might be something quite emotional. That is why you need to choose the best quotes for your baby, especially if it is your first baby. If you are interested, you can try to use some of these amazing quotes to welcome your first baby in this world.

Having Your First Baby Likes Smelling the Lilies from the Spiritual Garden

Who does not know the amazing smell of a lily? That is the metaphor of having the baby for the first time. That is because the smell is very amazing so that you will never be able to forget it. To make it even better, the smell of the lilies is not only from the ordinary garden. It comes from the spiritual garden. That means it is not only affecting your nose, but also affecting the thing beyond that, your soul. This is why the presence of the first baby is worth celebrating.

A Women Who Gave Birth to Her First Child is an Angel Sent by God

These second birth quotes are not meant for the baby. Yes, that is because this quote is specifically meant for the mother who gave birth to the baby for the first time. That is because the fight to keep the baby alive for more than nine months is not something easy. To make it worse, the struggle to give birth to the baby made the mother is appreciated as an angel sent by God. Yes, that is the great metaphor that the mother gets when she has given birth to the baby for the first time.

Newborn Babies are like Little Suns as They Bring Light and Warmth into Your Life

The next one is something that many people might have said before, but they do not really realize it. There are a lot of people who think that their newborn baby is the sun in their life. That is why the quote that compares the newborn baby with the sun is something worthy to try. It is because the sunshines the world, gives the warmth and the lights. The same thing is given by your newborn baby. That is why this it is something common for new parents to think that their newly born baby is the sun in their life.

Every Newborn Baby is a Signal of God that Life Should Keep Going On

This one might be something quite simple. As a matter of fact, some people might think that this quote is not that good at all. Even though, this is something that you cannot deny because a new life means the continuation of the human itself. That is also the birth of your baby is considered as the sign that life in the world needs to keep going. You are one of those who contributed to the existence of the human in the world.

Carrying her First Child is the Biggest Reward that God Gives to a Woman

To find and marry a great man in their life is considered as the best gift that God can give to a woman. However, to be pregnant and give birth to a new life, her own baby, is another special thing. You can even say that this is one thing that made a woman truly woman. It is because that women has given birth to another life in this world without any problems at all. That is why having the quote stating that carrying the first child is the biggest reward in woman’s life is not something exaggerating.

Your First Baby Changes Your Life in a Way You Have Never Expected

Many things change in people’s life. However, one simple thing that triggers those changes is the birth of a new baby, the first one to be exact. That is because even though you do not really realize it, there are quite a lot of changes that you will experience beyond your personal expectation. A woman will be a real mother with a lot of loves and caring to the baby. A man will be a real father with a lot of responsibilities to the baby and the mother. There are so many things that will change beyond people’s imagination