Creating a Home Office Space

Ercilia Montemayor Ercilia Cepeda Montemayor Observations


We spend most of our time at our desks, so setting aside an office space in the comfort of your own home can be rewarding and fruitful. If you’re looking to spice up an existing work area or create a brand new workstation in your home, these three tips will set you on the path towards a new level of productivity and efficiency, with a touch of comfort.

  1. Choose the right space

Selecting the right area for your workstation is an obvious starting point but foundational to any effective office space. It can be difficult assessing if an area is ‘right,’ per se, but don’t forget to consider your needs. If you are an architect, artist or designer, chances are you require a broad working space so take your specific needs and requirements into consideration.

Tip: Embrace your environment but take longevity into account and create a dedicated space. For example, don’t set up camp in a spare room that doubles up as a guest room or potential baby room.

  1. Get Creative

The chance to set up an individual workstation at home is rare – take full advantage of it. Use this as an opportunity to source inspiration from blogs, catalogues or online sources like Oneflare Scrapbooks and get creative. Personalise your workstation and add creativity to the way you store and decorate your space.

Tip: Creativity doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Improvise by decorating recycled cans as pencil holders and a fabric pouch filled with sand can work as a bookend.

  1. Get organised

When it comes to working from home, organisation can make or break a healthy work flow. When you are crafting your workstation, stock your supplies abundantly to avoid constant trips to the nearest stationary source. Clearly define your hours of operation but don’t forget to incorporate regular breaks and mealtimes. A breath of fresh air will keep you focused and engaged!

Tip: Keep your working area neat. A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind.

Select the right work area, couple inspiration with practicality and commit to your space and you’ll never look back.