Looking For a Career in Healthcare

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You'll Need These Professional Qualities for a Career in Healthcare

Working in healthcare is more popular than ever with no signs of slowing down. There is a vast variety of options when it comes to making a career out of serving others. 

But do you have what it takes to weather the storm of cranky patients, lots of walking, and possible 12-hour shifts?

Well, we're going to discuss the professional qualities necessary to make it in the healthcare field.

Recommended Professional Qualities

While there are plenty of people out there who believe they are a good fit for working in healthcare, the reality is not everyone will be right. In fact, there are certain qualities you should possess before pursuing a job in the medical field.

If you feel this line of work is your calling then complete a self-analysis. Do you meet the suggested criteria? Consider the following qualities to see if this relates to you:

  • Enjoy working with people
  • Empathetic
  • Education and Experience
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Good Organizational skills
  • Ethical and Dependable
  • Physically and emotionally strong

Though you may not see all of these qualities in yourself it would be beneficial if some of them were relatable because they will help you excel at your job.

Enjoy Working with People

Healthcare jobs are offered in doctors offices, hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, and schools. So there is no way to avoid being in close proximity to other people. Whether you are a nurse assisting a patient or a front desk representative scheduling an appointment, contact with others is a necessary job requirement.

Therefore it is important you are comfortable with communicating with others and enjoy the time you spend with them as these are qualities of a good healthcare worker. Because there is nothing worse than being sick and feeling as though your needs are not a concern to the staff waiting on you.


People who are empathetic will be able to build rapport with clients and patients because of their ability to put themselves in someone else's shoes which are qualities of a professional. A dialysis technician or an oncology nurse who can imagine themselves receiving the same treatment will be an asset.

He or she will treat the patient with respect because they understand the road to recovery can be painful and uncertain. 

Education and Experience

Making sure you satisfy the correct educational requirements and gain on-site experience is imperative to anyone working in healthcare. 

People are trusting you to deliver quality care and protect their personal information. Being able to perform your best means understanding how to use specific computer programs and completing certain procedures effectively.

Obtaining a certification in conjunction with a degree may be necessary depending on the field you plan to join.

Good Listening and Writing Skills

Have you ever tried to explain something to a person when you aren't feeling well? It's annoying to have to repeat yourself even when you aren't sick so just imagine a medical assistant or doctor who is distracted while you're speaking.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't return to that hospital or doctors office after that type of treatment.

Medical professionals need to be able to listen and document vital information. This goes for all healthcare professionals whether you are an ER nurse, a school Social Worker, or maintaining an organizations company Healthcare Management. For more information read this blog.

If you can not write coherently this will hinder your ability to perform your job. If you are unable to perform well you run the risk of putting a client or patient at harm, especially if the person already suffers from mental health illnesses.

Good Organizational Skills

Hospitals, physician's offices, and urgent care locations can get very hectic especially during flu season or an outbreak of the measles. Therefore you should be detail-oriented, flexible, and multitasker, and manage time.

These are qualities of a healthcare professional who knows life is easier when you can go with the flow, but still pay attention to tasks and plan out daily, weekly, or monthly events.

Ethical and Dependable

We should all know the difference between right and wrong before we leave elementary school. But are you able to keep people's information private each and every time you work?

If you plan to enter the healthcare field you must adhere to confidentiality laws. Client and patient documentation are to be kept private unless the person plans to harm himself or someone else. Not mention drawing boundaries with a client or patient are necessary in order to properly serve them.

Plus showing up to your shift consistently and on time is a huge requirement for any job but especially a medical position. People are counting on you to assist them.

Although emergencies do occur it is important to communicate if you know you are unable to make it to your shift or need to take a shift off.

Good Team Player and Independent Worker

When working in the healthcare industry you will encounter numerous individuals daily depending on the location in which you work. 

Some positions require less interaction with your co-workers or supervisors. But regardless of how often you collaborate with them being able to work with someone or by yourself will help you succeed.

Employers want someone who can problem solve on their own or come together with their peers to find a solution. Because accidents happen and unforeseen circumstances arrive so being able to think for yourself and seek help is important.

Physically and Emotionally Strong

Are you emotionally and physically able to lift a patient or comfort a person whose loved one is in life-threatening surgery? 

Before pursuing a career in healthcare make sure you will be able to practice self-care and can handle the wear and tear that comes along with working in a medical setting. 

Nurses and technicians repeatedly bend, lift, stand and walk. If your body is not fit you may find these tasks too much to bear or risk self-injury.

But if your mind isn't right then you won't be of use to anyone either.

Take the Next Step

If you believe you possess the recommended professional qualities then maybe it's time to take the steps towards a career in healthcare.

There is a large variety of positions such as Dental, Nursing, Medical Assistant, and Social Work. So you shouldn't have difficulty selecting the right position.

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