The Best Things to do in Amsterdam

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Somehow or another, Amsterdam is my most visited city and you can enjoy now with This awesome city with its trenches and bikers, its various historical centers and workmanship exhibitions draws in travelers from everywhere throughout the world consistently. Here is my rundown of the best places to see on your first visit.

The Anne Frank House

For many of us, The Anne Frank Journal was required reading in high school, and for many of us, it is a book we will always remember. Her words led you directly to that claustrophobic annex in which her family and four other people hid for two restless years, but nothing will allow you to experience the terrible situation as in the real place. The house is now a museum dedicated to the history of Anne Frank and her family, and the reconstructed bookshelf will take you to the secret Annex where you wrote down your most intimate thoughts. Tickets cost € 9 for adults, € 4.50 for students aged 10 to 17; Admission is free for children up to nine years old. The Anne Frank House considers probably the best activity in Amsterdam, so you can anticipate long queues; Be certain to arrange your tickets online early to abstain from burning through valuable time on the dam.


The Rijksmuseum is the most important museum in the country and is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam: It attracted over 2.47 million visitors in 2014. Its striking and familiar Dutch architecture invites you to discover years of art and history of Holland. With around 8,000 objects in 80 different rooms, you will embark on a journey through various times and styles until finally landing at the museum's most treasured possessions: Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. Admission is € 17.50, free for children under 18.


The Vondelpark stretches across 120 acres and is a popular venue for events, as well as for spending days relaxing in the sun, with a chilled bottle of Heineken in hand. Originally built for the elite in 1865, it has now established itself as a meeting place for the elderly and young, locals and tourists. This is the perfect place to soak up the Dutch flair watching people ride their bikes, dig mayonnaise-soaked fries from the nearest coffee shop, and relax on the grass. During the summer months, the Vondelpark hosts many concerts, festivals, and activities.

Dam Square

Think of Dam Square as the Piccadilly Circus of the Netherlands: full of colorful people, amazing shops and museums! For shopping purposes, you will definitely want to go to Bijenkorf, a shopping mall with department stores where you will find something different. Once your tired feet ask you for a break, have a coffee and breathe in the bustling city that is Amsterdam.

Heineken Experience

If you're going to savor these lovely green bottles all weekend, you might as well learn something about their history. The Heineken experience will take you on a tour of what was once the brand's largest brewery and teach you everything there is to know about its OB - Original Brewer - Gerard Adriaan Heineken. You will learn how beer is made and see a collection of vintage bottles, labels and posters.


If you have been in Amsterdam without visiting the Jordaan neighborhood, you have not visited Amsterdam correctly. This is an old working-class neighborhood with a genuine sense of community. It is full of charming little restaurants and cafes hidden in the courtyard and has established itself as a true destination for everything artistic. The numerous channels give it a very particular bohemian touch that has attracted a whole wave of hipsters, art galleries and pop-up shops. No matter what time of day, you will always find a place with good music in Jordaan.

Red Light District

If you're a little shy and apprehensive, sex displays and open prostitution can be a little difficult for you to handle; If you are open-minded, the Red Light District will become a place you will never forget: A live show and you will leave Amsterdam having seen things you never dreamed of! You may have to go to one of the coffee shops before you feel like it, but luckily you won't have to search too hard to find one.