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With the advancement in technology; digital marketing has become one of the critical aspects of all most every business strategy. Whether you are supposed to promote your online products or services or it is about fostering online business; it is the only source that has enabled to meet your requirements with great ease. For making your digital marketing campaign more successful; you should need to look after some tools and techniques and to work on some specific and updated strategies only. For starting up your digital marketing campaign; you can take help of Moreover, you can also seek the help of some successful referral samples here to make it even more successful.

· Single Grain and Eric Siu: - It is one of the best examples as referral samples for online digital branding that you can consider upon. SEO is one of the most critical aspects of every SEO strategy, and this brand has proved this for sure. Taking use of amazing content marketing; best SEO strategies used and a lot more have made this brand a huge success online today. The brand has worked on the omnichannel content strategy where it had worked sincerely with daily bite-size marketing podcast. Single Grain and Eric Siu is a beautiful platform that keeps publishing its blogs and updates its content four times a week. As we have mentioned you earlier that the blog is a smaller one; and hence only choose smaller articles to publish here to grant instant growth.

· Dollar Shave Club: - Dollar Shave Club is one of the leading referral samples for online digital branding that have done something done with that boring routine. This platform is all about launching videos, but attaining such a massive success in just over a shorter period is more than it wants to be from various online sources. The brand name is supposed to have more than 3 million subscribers till date which is quite impressive. The sales of services also have been raised to a greater extent and have now touched the mark of about $200 million in just five consecutive years. The only thing that has made this company so successful in a shorter time is the marketing strategy that it has used for online digital branding; that’s it.

· The Wirecutter: - The Wirecutter is the online store where you can quickly get the best electronic gadgets such as cameras and TVs. This brand name has successfully achieved a steep growth in last few years and has attained the tag of generating more than 150 million successful e-commerce transactions every year. Isn’t it seems to be interesting? Of course YES. And all this have become popular only because of the selection of the best digital marketing strategy for it. The Wirecutter have opted for the affiliate marketing for promoting its products and services on various platforms so that to achieve higher results. They have work for the quality of the products and the other aspects of affiliate marketing as well and hence have got positive reviews on the products.

·  Slack: - Slack is another beautiful example of referral samples for online digital branding. It is one of the leading collaboration tools present till date; that have to communicate and worked with different tools and techniques as well to make communications and file sharing even better. If we talk about the online digital branding strategy for the Slack; it hasn’t used any bigger one. The brand has achieved it by creating significant customer relations. Along with providing high-quality products or services to the users; it has also benefited the customers with high-quality customer care experience as well. The brand tries to keep in touch with their customer with the help of various platforms to provide them with a better response.

· Domino’s: - Who don’t know about Domino’s these days? Almost every one of us, Right? It is one of the best pizza companies that are relatively known for it’s faster speed as well. Domino’s also have used up their marketing strategies brilliantly. It has become a part of various marketing campaigns to aware more and more people about their products effectively. The company has correctly worked on their customer care services as well to achieve higher targets in future also.