How to Open Outlook PST File with Thunderbird

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Open Outlook PST File with Thunderbird: Learn the Tried and Tested Method

“How to open Outlook PST file with Thunderbird” is a common query of the present time. Various tech forums are full of this topic related questions, such as:

  1. Can Thunderbird open Outlook PST file?
  2. How to access Outlook emails in Thunderbird?
  3. How to Import PST to Thunderbird?

The reasons for such concern is obvious. There is heightened tension among users about the increasing subscription fees of MS Outlook. For this reason, many people choose free desktop-based email clients like Thunderbird. An email client migration requires transferring data from Outlook to Thunderbird. This write-up will discuss an infallible approach to import PST to Thunderbird along with the reasons for such migration.

Why Do People Want to Move from Outlook to Thunderbird

For a number of reasons, Outlook users want to switch to Thunderbird and want to open Outlook PST file in Thunderbird. Here, we have enlisted some of the major reasons:

  1. Free Email Service: The biggest reason for a user to switch to Thunderbird from Outlook is the cost. Thunderbird does not charge any fees, while Outlook users need to pay subscription fees.
  2. Personal Opinion: Since Thunderbird is an open-source email service provider, many people may want to use it instead of Outlook because of ideological issues.
  3. Portable Version Available: There is a portable version of Mozilla Thunderbird available that you can use without installation. MS Outlook does not have this facility. This can be another reason behind the shift from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  4. Organizational Requirement: Employees of an organization have to abide by the rules of their company. If a company changes their email client to Thunderbird, all of its employees will also have to migrate from Outlook to Thunderbird.

Fail Proof Approach to Open Outlook PST File with Thunderbird

If you are wondering “can Thunderbird open Outlook PST file,” the answer is yes. We are going to provide our readers with a step-by-step technique to move and open Outlook PST file in Thunderbird profile. The process is divided into two parts. At first, we will perform PST to MBOX conversion and later, we will import MBOX to Thunderbird profile.

Part A: Convert Outlook Emails to MBOX

To execute this data conversion process, you need to get SysTools PST to MBOX Converter Tool. This application can export all the emails stored in an Outlook PST file with attachments into Thunderbird compatible MBOX file. This software can convert orphan PST files as it does not require Outlook or Thunderbird installation to run. This is how users can operate this conversion software to open Outlook PST file with Thunderbird:

1. Launch Outlook to MBOX Converter Tool.

2. Click on Browse button to add PST file.

3. Choose the folder to save the converted data.

4. Maintain Folder Hierarchy of PST file, if you want.

5. Click on Export to convert emails from Outlook to MBOX.

Part B: Import and Open MBOX File in Thunderbird

Now that the PST data has been converted into MBOX, it is the time to import the file into Thunderbird. Thunderbird Import Wizard is the program that can move MBOX files into Thunderbird without any data loss or corruption. This tool will smoothly import MBOX files with email attachments and inline images in an unaltered state. These are the steps to run Thunderbird Import Wizard Tool:

1. Start Thunderbird Importer Tool on your computer.

2. Select Add File / Add Folder to add one or more MBOX.

3. One may apply data-based filter for selective email export.

4. Select the preferred Thunderbird profile from the list for importation.

5. Click on Import button to complete MBOX file transfer into Thunderbird.

6. Restart Thunderbird and open Outlook PST file in Thunderbird.

Top Features of Outlook PST to MBOX Converter

a. Complete Outlook mailbox conversion into MBOX

b. Suitable for both ANSI PST and Unicode PST files

c. Outlook or any other application not required

d. Save converted data on any local drive folder

e. Operable on all the latest Windows OS versions

f. Produces MBOX file supported by all email clients


Top Features of Thunderbird Import Wizard

a. Move multiple MBOX files at the same time

b. Date-based selection available for emails

c. Import all MBOX file email attachments

d. Move MBOX in POP or IMAP configured account

e. No changes in signature and inline images

f. Option to retain original folder hierarchy


People who are planning to move from Outlook to Thunderbird are worried about the process of data migration between these two email applications. In order to assess users to open Outlook PST file with Thunderbird, we shared a complete how-to guide in this blog. Just download Outlook to MBOX Converter and Thunderbird Import Wizard on your computer. Then you can follow our instructional manual for transferring Outlook emails in Thunderbird. It is safe to use these applications as they do not contain any virus or malware. Also, the process to open Outlook PST file in Thunderbird with these utilities is secured compared to the manual method that may lead to data loss and corruption.