Tap into the Potential Creative Power of Females

Nicole Dominique Le Maire Business Survival Strategies


Being more creative is something everyone can tap into. For the most part, all it takes is some shedding of current habits and understanding how you see the world. Research may argue that men are good this and women at that, but it is likely the day will come when this kind of research is seen as archaic and wrong.

female-creativity-empowermentCreativity is hard to even define because no one is sure what it is. It is the kind of thing that people think they recognize when they see it. But if it has to be defined, you can think of it as a unique way of seeing a problem, its solution and the world.

We are all creative. Life is a creative act; so all you have to do it tap into what is already natural for you. Here are some things you can do to improve your creative flow.

  • Meditate: Here is one area where the research is overwhelming. Meditation allows for the mind to “rest” and to process information in ways that allow for new ideas to emerge. And for the record, no one says you have to move to Tibet or give up hours a day to get the benefits from meditation. Tools For Peace has developed a meditation app that takes only minutes a day. Some studies have shown that meditation can change how your brain is wired in just 8 weeks.
  • Join Lumosity: The Human Cognition Project has a series of games that are organized into a daily training that is designed to improve the “elasticity” of the brain. Subscriptions are about $7 per month, a steal when you think of all you have to gain by “training” 3 or 4 days per week. Each training session takes about 15 minutes and the results are amazing.
  • Books: If you look at books on improving creativity, there are dozens. Here is one I personally recommend, just as an example. Most of these books provide examples of creative thinkers who had good business success and they offer “exercises” you can do to unleash your own creativity. Virtually any of these books will help, but you can do many of the exercises on your own, without paying so much for these books. See the next section for some ideas.
  • Creative Exercising: Most of us have heard the expression “think out of the box” to death. In essence, all it means is to identify the rules you are thinking in, and ignore them. For example, suppose you are asked to write down 20 ways to move a heavy box. You may notice that you cannot think of 20 unless you “change the rules”. So, if you understand the task as move a heavy box yourself, you will be limited. But if you understand it as moving it as a team, or with equipment, or in zero gravity, you will have more than 20 ways in no time.
  • Do Yoga: Yoga is an exercise for the body and mind. Classes, DVDs and books are everywhere so it is very simple to implement in your life. When the body releases tension and gains strength, it changes how it “sees” and interacts with the world. It is healthy and will boost your creativity. The basic idea behind yoga is to get back in touch with your body, to understand how it works in the physical world. Many think that creativity is separate from the body, but in fact, it is directly linked to it.

Take good care of it and your ideas will flow without any trouble at all.