How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them

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Many women have goals that they want to achieve but simply are unable to achieve them. There are many reasons for this because many women have to juggle multiple tasks and begin to feel overwhelmed. That is why for a woman to achieve her goals, it will take commitment, organization, and a sense of dedication to make your dreams become a reality.

20140507-write-down-goalsThe first thing to do with your goals is to simply write them down. At this point it doesn’t really matter what those goals might be, but instead it is more important that you simply have some exciting goals to begin with. Once you have written those goals down, then organize them based on priority. This will help you narrow down which goals are the most important and those goals that are less important. Many women fail to achieve their goals because they are unable to focus on one specific task. This step will help eliminate that barrier to success.

Once you have figured out your most important goal, it is time to begin forming an action plan. The most important part of an action plan is the outcome that you desire to achieve. The better you understand the desired outcome of your goal, the better you will be able to focus on that outcome. Sometimes these outcomes are highly measurable, such as when a woman wants to lose weight (maybe not the greatest example, however it details how to plan and move forward). Other times the goals are more subjective such as a woman wants to improve her business network. The point behind this step is to define the desired outcome before beginning.

Next, your action plan will want to include specific milestones or metrics. Essentially this means creating subgoals that will work towards achieving the main goal. In the above mentioned example, that subgoal could mean losing two pounds a month until you have lost ten pounds. It is extremely important to make these milestones as realistic as possible because if they aren’t then you will become discouraged and will not achieve your goals.

The next thing to do is to outline the specific plan of action that you will need in order to achieve your subgoals. This will more or less outline the day to day activity that will help you achieve your goal. Generally speaking, these steps should have minimal intrusion into your daily routine but still provide effective steps towards achieving your goal. An example of this would be going to the gym for 35 minutes of daily cardio.

If you have done all of the necessary planning then you will find that your goals are much easier to achieve. The main focus at this point will be to simply put your goals into practice and incorporate them into your daily activities. Eventually you won’t even notice the change in your activity anymore and then you will be successfully working towards achieving your dreams. That will go a long way in improving self-esteem and give you a general feeling of accomplishment.