Discover Your Business Passion, Confidence and Leadership Skills

Nicole Dominique Le Maire Business Survival Strategies


Women make terrific business people; there is no question about this. They are able to multi-task well and offer different solutions to problems than males might. We know that women think differently when solving problems. The best way to harness your business skills is to find out what you are passionate about. This is not always easy. Here are a few tips to help you find out what you care about most. Once your do, confidence and leadership skills are simple to build.


As you go about your day, look for gaps in commerce or social problems that bother you. For example, is it impossible to find clothing for kids who are “hard on their clothes”? Is it the case that women are asked different questions during interviews than men? Why do most cars have no space for a woman to put her handbag down conveniently?

Keep a list. Not everything you write down will be strong enough to be a “passion”. But you may begin to see a trend after a few days. Perhaps all your entries have to do with lack of convenience, or kids, or food.

Pay Attention to Your Reactions

Keep track of how you react to news items, Twitter tweets, and conversations you have throughout the day. Are there people you avoid? Why? Trying articulate why you have the reactions you do will serve as a road map to what you care about. Do you avoid religious conversations because you think it is impossible to avoid conflict? Maybe your passion is helping people talk about religious beliefs in a new way.

Books Stores

Whether it is a brick and mortar store, or Amazon, think about the titles that attract you. If you like fiction, perhaps your passion has something to do with developing creativity in others. If you like non-fiction, perhaps your passion is about truth and learning.

If you do not like to read, maybe this is an indication that your passion has something to do with music or activity.

Past Experiences

Think about the experiences you have had that you remember, and the current ones that you cannot wait to share on Facebook or Twitter. These hold clues to what you care about. Maybe all you care about is being social; news flash, that is a passion! Maybe you care about meaningful experiences; that is a passion. Try to erase all judgmental quips people have said to you over the years, and decide what it is you really enjoy.

Once you have found your passion, confidence comes naturally. Usually, we are all good at whatever we are interested in. So if your passion is music, you are probably good at it. If your passion is healing, you likely have excellent interpersonal skills.

People who have a passion tend to “see” right away how their dream will be executed. These are leadership skills. Seeing what needs to be done, in what order, and to what extent is what makes a good leader exactly as I wrote in my chapter ‘Being’- in the co-authored book ‘The Female Leader, Empowerment, Confidence and Passion’.

The next step is delegating out tasks to the right people, people who have the skills needed to make the goal happen. This ability comes with experiences, but it also is a “gut” feeling a leader has about people. The main element of being a good leader is having a vision; but this comes naturally when you have a passion for something.

Whether you passion is to forge new roadways, or to be a part of someone else’s forging, you already have the basic leadership skills you need. The rest comes with experience.

So, go find your passion and everything else will fall into place!