Can Introverted Female Entrepreneurs Survive?

Nicole Dominique Le Maire Business Survival Strategies


The typical characteristics that people associate with entrepreneurs include a high level of creativity, a sociable personality, and extroversion.

While recent years have witnessed a spike in the number of female entrepreneurs, most of the entrepreneurs that have been female have often been characterized as extroverted or even socially aggressive. What most people never really hear about are introverts. Can female introverts compete with their extroverted counterparts when it comes to running their own business?

20141015-entrepreneurfail-LostinTranslationThe answer is that introversion, just like gender, has little weight on the potential for an entrepreneur’s success when compared to other traits. Other factors, such as assertiveness, creativity, and natural business acumen are much more likely to determine success over extroversion.

The truth is that while extroversion does make things a lot easier for female entrepreneurs, it will do little if it is not accompanied by assertiveness. An assertive introvert will do better in business than someone who is extroverted but remains aims to please everyone.

In many home based businesses, being an introvert is not a handicap – especially with the many different solutions the internet offers business owners. It is very possible to turn a profit in a business without really having to interact with people. Creative introverts can easily make a company selling their art, their writing, or even their party planning services without having to deal with too much interaction with others. Thanks to the net, and thanks to the creativity of savvy women, many women have businesses that are thriving and are only run by a single female.

Introversion does force many female entrepreneurs to look to other unique solutions when starting their businesses and this in turn can become a competitive advantage. This is especially true when it comes to the question of sales. Instead of having to deal with people the traditional way, they often come up with unique, cost-cutting solutions that allow them to focus their time on other tasks.

Smart female entrepreneurs with an introverted or non-social streak often find themselves outsourcing their sales work to others. Others will simply cut out the sales staff altogether and use the internet to find their potential clients.

It is very tempting for people to completely and totally disregard female introvert entrepreneurs as “lost causes”, but the fact is that assumption could not be further from the truth.

Instead of trying to estimate the success of an entrepreneur on their extroversion or introversion, it is much better to look at an entrepreneur’s drive, creativity, and assertive characteristics to judge these things.

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