Aligning Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurship

Nicole Dominique Le Maire Business Survival Strategies


Women are an important part of our society and it’s highly essential for them to play that role. Nowadays, a lot of women are taking interest in entrepreneurship and looking for leadership opportunities as a pathway for them to establish themselves inside and outside of a corporate environment.

There are many courses being conducted which provide women a chance to strengthen their decision making capability, build their self confidence and create certain management skills.

20140623-entrepreneurfail Working on VacationIs it necessary for women to prioritize and even look at joining one of the thousands of courses? Do they help to create skills and opportunities for them? The leadership programs for women are important because they give the ability to learn about taking responsibility that ranges from managing a business to supervising a team.

These courses help to establish a sense of gender equality and give women the confidence to feel good about their ‘being’ and recognizing their worth. They teach how to be a representative, one who has complete knowledge of a business and realizes the issues with leadership, management and entrepreneurship, which may lead them to serve as a good role model for others.

Over the past two years I have been asked quite a few times about the power and influence women need to be able to own their own company or manage their own teams. I therefore put together a leadership and management course for women entrepreneurs (this includes those intrapreneurs in the corporate world). It is really to drive business performance and create competitive advantage, as many companies are focusing on growing leaders from within. But when the talents of women are underutilized, companies and women themselves miss a crucial opportunity to expand their leadership and entrepreneurial (intrapreneur) capacity.

Decades of research has shown that people with influence skills are able to get better and faster results, have more successful careers, and enjoy less stress on the job because they are able to get important support and resources they need for their projects quickly. Unfortunately, few women managers and entrepreneurs are aware of the many proven influence strategies that are available to them.

There are many courses which are being conducted that aim for participants to understand the issues of leadership and management and how they align with entrepreneurship. Such programs help you increase your influence inside and outside your own organization (whether as an woman entrepreneur or intrapreneur).

There are also other courses which lend a hand to establish yourself and be more independent, helping you realize your full potential.

All of these programs and courses are very important because YOU and YOUR Business matter, and it is all due to fostering creativity and providing engendering empowerment. All of this gives can also give a big boost to the economy, helping women grow as individuals and shine bright into the world.

There are many women in developing countries who do not get the encouragement or support to start their own business or become a leader within an organization. They may not have the practical and positive choices other business owners and intrapreneurs have! Therefore stay attuned to your own authenticity by making time to reconnect with your passions, and by fine-tuning your leadership and management skills. Embrace your personal authenticity, confidence and self-worth. Enhance your decision-making skills, and your communications.

These courses do play a significant role all around the world and may help you and others increase your confidence and happiness.

Entrepreneur Cartoon by Kriti Vichare