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I learned about Womenalia just over a year ago and only six months after it had launched in Spain. I had the opportunity to attend the first edition of Inspiration Day, but since I was helping in the stand of my then employer, I was only able to catch a few of the speakers on the agenda. Nonetheless, the energy and excitement that you could feel among all the people present was truly motivational. I could feel something clearly happening.

Cut to a year later and barely a month into my collaboration with Womenalia. The experience in the second edition of Inspiration Day was exhilarating. Being behind the scenes this year gave me the opportunity to hear first-hand from all just how much the stories and experiences shared by each of the distinguished speakers that day touched so many others in very personal and human ways. When the roster includes executives from Coca-Cola, ING, and IKEA, Paralympic Athlete Teresa Perales, and a line-up of some of Spain's most inspiring entrepreneurs, how can one not be astounded by the tenacity, drive and creativity that these men and women have brought to their lives and their careers?

I may never have won any gold medals, and have yet to have the word "Chief" in my job title, but what I do hope to be able to share with the Womenalia community through this blog is my experience as an American expat, as a professional woman, the journey that my international career continues to be, and hopefully some interesting perspectives that I've picked up from working closely with the HR and development sectors for quite a few years now.

I am sure there are others of you out there that have at one time thought about taking your career abroad or at least making it more "international" or "diverse" although you may not be able to pick up and move to another country right now. Regardless of where you work and who you work for, the borders that defined our roles at home and on the job, the sector we work in, who our customers are, even the products and services we help design and provide every day, are becoming more blurred. In the same way that the executives and entrepreneurs that took the stage at Inspiration Day do each year, this weekly space will be my way of inspiring you to explore those borders and the adventures that lie beyond them.

Christina Chaplin

Christina Chaplin

Head of Marketing, Talmundo

Hi Esther! Sorry I\'ve taken so long to respond to comment back, but for some reason your comment didn\'t appear before. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you or the companies you work with. I\'ve worked with all different kinds of companies with their internationalization strategies and most specifically those interested in doing business in the US. Let\'s connect!


Managing Partner, COVASOLUTIONS

Hi Chirstina,

Congratulations! My name os Esther Diz and I am a memeber of the international experts committee working with Spanish companies who are looking for investors and opprtunities in the US. Regards.