Around the World and Back in 40 Days

Christina Chaplin Beyond Borders


Hey Womenalias!  Did you miss me?  So, for those of you that might have been wondering where I've been hiding these past 6 weeks, I got married in early September and then spent a month travelling with my wonderful new husband around Australia and French Polynesia!

After our amazing trot around the globe, I got back to Madrid for a whirlwind six days of getting up to speed at work, and off I went again (leaving my new husband behind). So I'm out in San Francisco, CA now for four weeks.

I W SanFrancisco
I'd love to connect with as many of you as I'm out here helping Womenalia prepare to bring you updated and improved versions of our online platform and tools.  So if you're in the Bay Area, send me a quick message and let's connect.

Also, keep an eye out of a couple posts and articles over the next couple weeks on what's going on our here in Silicon Valley and San Fran as I share my start-up adventures while participating in Spain Tech Center's Accelerator Program at RocketSpace.